Transportation Services

BVM offers a professional and secure transportation services to its clients since 2011. Our team with expertise in transportation provides a strategic solution based on need assessment.

BVM is a registered member of TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) and in compliance with the International security standards.

BVM provides part and full truck load services to meet the customer freight requirements.

BVM services are designed to meet customers’ high expectation in terms of on-time, safe and secured delivery. We always walk extra mile in providing secured transportation. Secured transportation includes Air-ride Trucks, Trucks equipped with CCTV (Inside Front & Rear Camera, Rear Door Camera, Driver Camera), Under chassis lock, Panic button, Alarm control unit, GPRS and Sim based tracking.


BVM uses a smart lock for transportation of High Value Cargo. This is a Portable lock operated through RFID or password enabling vehicle tracking and also triggers alert in case of illegal unlocking.

BVM has Transport management System (TMS) with the capabilities of Customer Login, Reports, Track and trace, Live updates, Real time Proof of Delivery, Auto Alerts, Billing visibility, E-billing and Mobile App.

With the combination of Own and network fleet along with in-house maintenance team we are able to provide cost efficient and on-time delivery services.

Our team monitors the truck movements 24/7 and provides updates to customers.

Secured and On-time delivery is in our Gene.